The rocketing popularity of laminate flooring choices is not just because of the products’ beauty, simplicity of installation, and reasonable price. Maintaining a laminate floor is simple, easy, and requires no special equipment; with regular care, your laminate floors will give you years of enjoyment.

The care regimen for laminate floors couldn’t be simpler. As with any floor, vacuum the laminate flooring regularly using a soft brush attachment. When needed, a wipe down with a damp cloth or soft mop will return the flooring’s original shine. The new, disposable dust mop products seem to work especially well in removing dust and pet hair from laminate floors.

Should you face an especially soiled area, such as a spill that has dried, or a heavy traffic area that has been neglected, a wet sponge and a little elbow grease is all you need to remove the soil. Avoid using soap based detergent when cleaning a spill, and never use harsh chemical cleaners on your laminate floor; these cleaners may cloud or discolor the floor’s finish. Also, never use steel wool, scouring pads or sandpaper on your laminate floors. If a soiled area remains particularly stubborn, simply repeat the sponging process until the spot is gone.

One of the great advantages of laminate flooring is that they require no special products or equipment to maintain their beauty. Do not use polish or wax on these floors; these products designed for other flooring surfaces will only diminish the beauty of your laminate, and leave you with an extra job of removing the polishing product from your floor!

Laminate floors are especially durable. But as with any hard surface flooring, laminates can be scratched or gouged, so you should always use felt pads or wide-base casters under all furniture. Be careful to lift rather than slide when moving furniture or heavy objects in a room with laminate flooring. Also, step-off mats at exterior doorways and junctures where flooring surfaces change in your home can help prevent unintended scratches. If a dent, scratch or stain does appear on your laminate flooring, there are easy commercial touch up kits available, with instructions, that can lead you step -by-step through the simple repair process.

If you are faced with an extraordinary cleaning situation with your laminate floor, you should always refer to the manufacturer’s care and maintenance instructions and recommendations.